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Colmac Sunnyside, Inc. (“CSI”), a Delaware Corporation formed in July 1999, is a 100% owner of Sunnyside Holdings I, Inc. and a 50% owner of Sunnyside Generation LLC. Sunnyside Holdings I, Inc a Delaware company, is a 50% owner of Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates (“SCA”). SCA is the operating company of the Sunnyside power plant, a 53MW waste coal fired power project located in Carbon County, Utah. The remaining 50% of SCA is owned by Colmac Utah, Inc. CSI utilized subordinated debt from a large pension fund to acquire its 50% share in SCA.

Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates

Colmac SunnysideAbout the Plant
The Sunnyside power plant began operations in May of 1993. The electricity it produces is sold to Pacificorp, operating as Utah Power and Light (UPLC). The plant qualifies as a small power production facility and qualifying cogeneration facility (“QF”) under the Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act of 1997 (“PURPA”).

The plant uses a circulating fluidized bed boiler, designed by Tampella Power to produce steam that drives a Dresser-Rand turbine generator. Approximately 1,150 tons of coal are drawn per day from two surrounding waste coal piles which are located on land owned or leased by SCA. Approximately 95 tons of limestone are used per day to control sulfur emissions.

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